I pursue to design with peripheral and common subjects that easily bring communications and begin relationships among people. The intrinsic sensitivities, value of life and desire for creation are derived from the surroundings in the most effective way. I desire to attribute a new experience and entertainment to people by rediscovering and reinterpreting their ordinary life. 

DOG Project

“The Dog Project” perceives the humans and their world through dogs as a subject, which is known for traditionally the most friendly living organism to humans. The project reflects the men’s nature and seek for their inner self through the human’s act of building a relationship with dogs. It suggests a way to find the intact communication between ‘I’ and all other organisms in society. As a designer and a project director, I consider “The Dog Project” as a social study to perceive the beauty side of human nature came from relationship. It is also an artistic study that has brought many formative experiments and contents development for a design with new aesthetics and culture providing potentiality.


Through successive exhibition plans in the field, I got to communicate with many artists and designers as well as dog experts. As I led the participants to bring art practice and communication in the project, its size got bigger and its narratives became rich. Once the designers began to form a community, the mundane subject opened a new paradigm on the definition of life and transformed into a theme with fresh and genuine ideas. This experience made me realize that the communication design builds and reforms the relationships among people via both art and culture.



• HUNGRY 2019. Featuring Artist Exhibition. The Flat NYC [NYC, USA]. Mar. 17, 2018

• Special Artist Exhibition with Terra Cycle: Green Palace. BSB Gallery [Trenton NJ, USA]. Mar. 1 – Apr. 13, 2018


• Halloween X Moon exhibition. Take31 [NYC, USA]. Oct.28, 2018

• Denim + Dog Exhibition for NEW YORK DENIM DAYS FESTIVAL. Metropolitan Pavilion [NYC, USA].  Sep. 22 – 23, 2018 

• Tex world Exhibition at the entrance for Tex World Apparelsourcing USA exhibition. Javits center [NYC, USA].  Jan. 22 – 24, 2018


• Samsung UHDTV Launching Show. Samsung D’light in Seoul [Seoul, South Korea].  Aug. 1 – 31, 2015

• OH MY DOG, OH MY GOD. DOG_GOD - the 5th Project Exhibition. Sejong Center for the Performing Arts [Seoul, South Korea]. April 8 – 20, 2015 

• Public Library Independent Publishing. The National Library of Korea [Seoul, South Korea]. Feb 25 – March 31, 2015


 • Dedication for Humans, Dedicatory letters for Dogs. DOG_GOD - the 4th Project 

 • Exhibition.Seoul Citizen Hall of City Hall [Seoul, South Korea]. Dec. 9 – 14, 2015

 • SAMWONPAPER Craft. Dongdaemoon Design Plaza [Seoul, South Korea]. Oct. 10 – 29, 2014 

 •  Shape Follows Animal While Mind follows human. DOG_GOD – 3rd Project Exhibition. Green Culture Festival [Incheon, South Korea]. Sep. 19 – 28, 2014

 •  Dog never lies about love. DOG_GOD – 2nd Project Exhibition. World’s 2nd Animal Film Festival[Suncheon, South Korea] Aug. 21 – 26, 2014

  • Joyful Imagination That We Bark at the World. DOG_GOD -1st Project Exhibition. Gallery Palais deSeoul [Seoul, South Korea]. May 9 – 21, 2014



No-Degree Student Berkely College, NY, U.S.A | Jan. – Apr. 2016 

• Merit Scholarship

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Design, Gachon University, Seongnam, S. Korea | Feb. 2015

• Full Merit Scholarship (2009), Scholarship for Excellence (2013-14)



Professional Experiences

Senior Web Designer, New York | May. 2017 – May. 2018

• Designed new online auction platform for Bidsquare in 2017 to 2018

• Designed Art Auction news publication for Auction Daily 2018 to 2019


U.I Design Intern Creative Nation Design, New York | May. – Dec. 2016

• Provided user interface design for Web-based projects, including dashboards, widgets, and products

• Assisted with walk-throughs and usability testing. Update UI per changing needs and requirements

• Maintained company’s Wiki for user-interface best practices, procedures, and style guide


Freelance Graphic Designer | 2013 – 2015

• Designed graphic characters for Samsung UHDTV in 2015

• Directed and designed the programs of the 2-year long art project “The Dog Project”

• Designed book covers for publishers

• Serial illustrations in Animal Magazine in 2013 to 2014

• Designed posters for public events and projects


Research Assistant Gachon University | Feb. – June 2015

• Worked closely with Professor Shur, Ki-heun, a book designer

• Researched for his design commissions, projects and books


Lecturer Gachon University | Feb. 2015

• Conducted a lecture as a director of “The Dog Project” at the end of the project to report its achievement to public


Project Director and head designer Dog Team in “The Dog Project” | 2013 – 2015

• Designed and directed programs of the project with 150 professional participants

• Planned out and Conducted researches on the subject, exhibitions and artist talks

• Scheduled and carried out meetings and presentations with sponsors

• Worked as editor-in-chief for the book Oh My Dog, Oh My God (2014)


Designer Technic Support Team in Bytech Korea, Seongnam, South Korea | 2010 – 2012

• Designed the 3D modeling of a water-storage dam and its air view map

• Designed a visual side of the company’s multi-functional machine that measures depth, pressure 

  and pollution in water  




2016    Main Prize Monthly-A-Word Brochure in Design Communication for self-promotion brochure 

            IF World Design Guide, Germany  

2014    Special Award Visual Design Association of Gachon University

2013    Drawing Special Award Asian Plan Author Show 




Project Director and Editor-in-Chief 

• Shur, Ki-heun. OH MY DOG- OH MY GOD. Seoul, S. Korea: Hong C Communication. 2014. Print. 


Book Cover Designs

• Jung, Hyeyoon. A Pack of Restorative Medicine Made with Our Traditional Food. Seoul, S. Korea: Nanok Publisher. 2015. Print.

• Shur, Ki-heun. OH MY DOG- OH MY GOD. Seoul, S. Korea: Hong C Communication. 2014. Print. 

• Park, Hae Jin. A Way in Hun Min Jeong Eum. Seoul, S.Korea: Nanok Publisher. 2014. Print.


Illustration Pages in Magazines

• Animal Magazine. Seoul: S. Korea: Animal Magazine. 2013 to 2015. Print.

• Monthly Design (尋Ь吃棲是). S. Korea: Design House. 2015. Print.


Self publications

• Moon, Heemin. Vol.1 – The Way to Eat the Largest Amount of Food. Seoul: Moon Heemin. 2013. Print.

• Moon, Heemin. Vol.2 – The Way to Drink the Largest Amount of Alcohol. Seoul: Moon Heemin. 2013. Print.




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